Designing for Learning in the Digital World

Computer training and learningIn today’s Digital Literacies lecture, we learned about the importance of integrating technology into the classroom. Technology offers development in children. It can promote creation, questioning, discussion, collaboration, teamwork, and information. It can promote critical thinking. Yet, what teachers need to ask themselves is “What do I want my students to learn?” and “What do I want my students to experience?”. In doing so, we as educators can take digital learning further and provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities and offer differentiation.

Computers can be used for more than just “looking up information”. Some teachers use Twitter, Google Maps, and Podcasts to make learning ‘fun’ and connect compulsory subjects with things the children are interested in. As an educator, what I will now do differently is adopt this mindset.


2 thoughts on “Designing for Learning in the Digital World

    • Well, looking at my newest post as an example, it is essential that students are aware of copyright and copyleft. In an age where technology is such an important part of children’s daily lives, students need to know that there are effects attached to every online action. Practices of giving proper attributions to borrowed work is a lesson idea that comes to mind. However, even as a teacher I can rolemodel such practices. If I am using images online on a worksheet or lesson, providing the reference information is a way to lead by example.

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